mcHoward Business Coaching- Antonio McCoy

Antonio McCoy is an author and business growth strategist with an MBA and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in business with a focus in entrepreneurship.

10 Secrets All Business Owners Must KnowAntonio works with business owners and organizations and has facilitated the beginnings of helping specialized industries become more profitable, including doctors, financial consultants, beauty salons, restaurants, attorneys, landscapers, property managers, funeral homes, government agencies, and broadcast networks.

Prior to becoming a business strategist, Antonio held positions in operations, marketing, sales, and business development. He worked for the United States Postal Service for over 20 years, and has coached more than 400 postmasters in leading employees and marketing management. He has also coached sales teams and ad agencies on using direct mail, radio, television and digital marketing. Antonio counseled clients about integrated marketing and leadership.

Antonio’s marketing and leadership knowledge have afforded him the opportunity to help entrepreneurs and organizations build customer rapport by showing them ways to innovate the business to meet customer needs.

Antonio McCoy, DBA (ABD)
Platinum Certified Business and Succession Coach
P.O. Box 4452
Winston-Salem, NC 27115
Office: 336-575-9920